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Scissors for XML

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  • Wanted: (features in need for implementation - if you want to help, please contact: and/or check out the Mercurial repository at
    • loading UTF-8 encoded files (other encodings are less important as of now)
    • handling <? ... ?> nodes (similar to 'text' nodes? will that be enough? I'm not sure if we can handle those for all cases, but let's try with the simplest)
    • multi-node selection and XML export to clipboard (as XML text; selection with Shift or maybe just drag-select when cursor over some text)
    • [www] make the website prettier & simpler (hide wiki commands; move wanteds a bit aside; expose the developers docs)
    • help from Linux and Mac guys with packaging ready-to-use bundles on those systems (wxLua mailing list? hopefully will be enough)
    • [when-ready] publicity on the Internet - maybe groups about: Lua, wxLua, XML, GUIs; some sites? (which?)
    • [big] The Editor
    • [troublesome][www] visitors counter/trends monitor, referers counter, Google search keywords monitor (but without Google Analytics)
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Page last modified on July 13, 2010, at 10:11 PM